Tips to make sure your A/C is always up and running.

Filter Maintenance

Due to Texas’ climate (humidity) our air conditioning systems run long hours. It’s very important to change filters every 4-6 weeks.


To save money it’s good to keep your thermostat between 76-79 while you’re away from home or not physically active in the house.

Be weary of fire ants

Fire ants can cause expensive damages on your wiring on your outside unit. Inspect around your condenser to make sure no fire ant nests are around.


It is wise to run your system during the winter at least once a month for at least 5-8 minutes to help  avoid breakdowns during the summer and elongate the life of your A/C Systems.


Have seasonal checkups done on your A/C systems, one for the summer and one for winter. Have your ducting regularly evaluated by a certified technician.